Education at the Faculty of Marine Engineering

The mission of the Faculty is to educate students at the highest level and creating employees able to effectively meet the challenges of modern maritime transport and maritime economy in Poland and abroad and to conduct scientific research related to the construction and operation of technical systems in maritime economy.

We offer courses in Mechanical Engineering and Machine Design and providing program of studies satisfying both Polish educational standards established by the Ministry of Higher Education and also the requirements of the International Maritime Organization – IMO. We train sea crews (in compliance with STCW 78/95) and professionals employed with onshore industry including repair technologies, operational engineering and production engineering. The graduates of marine specializations obtain a certificate which entitles them to work aboard any merchant vessel all over the world.

The framework of Mechanical Engineering and Machine Design major includes first-degree (engineer) and second-degree (master) studies programmes in the following specializations:

First-degree (engineer):

  • Marine Propulsion Plant and Offshore Construction Operation (marine specialization) – also in English,
  • Technology for Repairs of Ship and Port Units,
  • Operational Engineering,
  • Production Engineering.

Second-degree (master’s):

  • Technology for Repairs of Ship and Port Units,
  • Operational Engineering,
  • Marine Propulsion Plant Operation 2 (marine specialization).

During their first and second year of studies, students are given maritime training aboard GMU training ships: „Dar Młodzieży” and „Horyzont II”.

The Faculty of Marine Engineering of Gdynia Maritime University is the first university faculty in Poland to obtain and hold ISO 9001 quality certificate, which is a guarantee of a high quality of education and research.

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