Faculty of Electrical Engineering

The basic aim of Gdynia Maritime University has always been to educate highly qualified personnel for maritime industries. Professional careers of this Faculty graduates have been pursued in this specific direction for many years. Nowadays in the volatile job market well educated graduates of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, having the degree of engineer or master and engineer in attractive fields and specialisations, have been looked for by modern land companies. The Faculty educates electrical engineers, specialists in operation of ship and land-based electrical equipment and automatic control systems. It also educates electronics engineers, specialists in designing and operation of electronic circuits, facilities and systems dedicated for land-based, sea and ship communications systems as well as stationary and mobile telecommunication and computer tele-informatics networks.

The graduates in marine specialisations are prepared for positions on ships of the merchant fleet as shipboard electroautomation engineers or shipboard radio electronics and electronics engineers.

The academic staff of the Faculty consists of 19 professors, 11 assistant professors, 13 lecturers and 24 assistants. As many as 13 persons of the staff hold Marine Diplomas and Certificates of Competency authorising them to take officer positions on ships of the merchant fleet.

The Faculty of Electrical Engineering conducts full- and part-time studies of I- and II-cycle (engineer and master) and III-cycle studies (doctoral studies). Two cycles studies (I- and II-), both full-time and part-time, are realised in two fields: Electrical Engineering and Electronics and Telecommunications.

The field of Electrical Engineering realises education in the following specialisations:

  • Ship Electroautomation,
  • Computer Control Systems,
  • Electroautomation.

The field of Electronics and Telecommunications offers studies in the following specialisations:

  • Marine Electronics,
  • Data Communications Systems and Networks,
  • Marine Electronics and Automation,
  • Electronic, Optoelectronic and Microwave Systems.

In addition, from the academic year 2018/2019 at UM Gdynia, a new one-level study program - Informatics is carried out, implemented in two specialisations:

  • Internet and Mobile Applications
  • Internet of Things Applications.

The full- and part-time studies are conducted at the seat of Gdynia Maritime University – in Gdynia.

The teaching basis includes modern technical and laboratory facilities of the Faculty. The practical part of the studies is complemented with trainings aboard the training ships of GMU: the ”Dar Młodzieży” and the ”Horyzont II”, on commercial ships and in land-based companies.

Apart from full-time and part-time studies, the Faculty conducts and develops, according to the needs, a variety of enhancing courses aimed to update the knowledge of its graduates and officers of various specialisations, who work on ships. The Faculty also conducts doctoral studies in two scientific disciplines – electrical engineering and electronics.

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